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Doctor Visits

Dr. Charles R. Hamel, ENT, Allergy Specialist

Adrian Jones, NP
Susan Chiusano, NP

Allergy Testing and treatment

Book an appointment with the doctor for a consult, then have skin testing and get your allergy results for seasonal and food sensitivities.

Weight Loss PRograms

Ask us about our new weight loss programs using Semaglutide! Book a consult and get started on the new you. 

*Labs and consult required. 

Hormone Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy. Help get balanced to have more energy!

Laser THerapy

CureWave Class Four Hot Laser for inflammation! Beneficial for acute pain, chronic pain, sinuses, migraines and more!

IV THerapy

We have IVs for hydration, immunity, vitamin replenishment, ozone therapy and many more!

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What our patients say about us:


The Staff at AWC have done an incredible job helping with my wellness issues. Their allergy and laser treatments are incredible, and I would definitely recommend!


I love the staff and doctors here at AWC! 


The medical services offered here at the AWC are amazing, they’ve helped so many people and I would definitely recommend! 


I did the allergy testing and made adjustments that improved my health significantly. Now I take histamine and allergy shots and my flare-ups don’t stop my day. I highly recommend AWC if you’re looking to improve your overall health!


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